Future of Countries Lies in the Change of Mindsets

In the foundation of humankind lie countless traditions. That’s what drives us to stay together, that’s what influences our decisions, and that’s what keeps us sane. But traditions don’t always mean a good thing. They can also postpone progress, impose outdated ideas, and hide possible new solutions from us. So, what should we do, as a society, to keep traditions but still develop our countries, nations, governments, and communities? It all starts from our mindsets.

Each country begins with one human being. Of course, how they grow, what they know, where they go, who they talk to, and what they believe in are hugely impacted by surrounding people, the social status of their family, and the country they live in. But that doesn’t mean that this influence is one-sided. One human can start great changes in the mindset of others and improve an imperfect system. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mohandas Gandi, and Susan B. Anthony are some of the examples that prove the statement. It also relates to governments, the institutions that are quite cautious about any changes, even if they are for the better.

These aren’t the only institutions that don’t like shifts in existing standards. It is also true for schools and colleges. It’s easier to give students old manuals, cramped schedules, outdated studies, and piles of unnecessary papers than to analyze the curriculum and make necessary changes. As a result, students are snowed under countless responsibilities and tasks and search for help from different services, like WriteMyPapers.org, to lighten that burden to a slight degree. When professors discover this, they reprimand students. However, is it really the students’ fault if the system dictates to overload them? It’s not like they’re magicians and can find free time that doesn’t exist. The same situation is with governments.

Government is a crucial part of any society and country. If it refuses to listen to its people and implement fresh ideas, technologies, and experiments, the country can suffer not only short-term but also long-term problems on all levels. For example, ignorance of nature preservation and making alternative energy sources unreasonably expensive for all social groups can lead to a decrease in the country's natural resources. Subsequently, that decision will end in poverty, economic instability (since this country has nothing to offer for trading with other countries), extinctions of species, and worsening of climate. It is only one example. Imagine what else can suffer from the fear of development and experimentation?

So, what can you do to change that?

  • Start small. You don’t need to dive deep at once. Maybe, join local self-government. Ask the community what they need, lack, or want to change for the better.
  • Study social changes. Public discontent or other problems like discrimination or growing poverty don’t appear from thin air. Be ready to learn history and current events as fully as you can. The more you know about the causes, the easier it will be to find and try solutions.
  • Look for cases from other countries. Maybe some countries have already implemented the practice you want to see in your country. Try to study that case, discover what issues they had, how they overcame them or how they didn’t overcome them, who caused the most trouble, and what the results were.
  • Look for other people who are ready to follow your idea. The more like-minded people you have, the better for your initiative.
  • Share your initiative on different levels. Use social media, newspapers, public meetings, and interviews. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
  • Be willful and inventive. Governments don’t like radical changes. They aren’t built for that. So, try to find ways to persuade them but not in a bureaucratic, tiring way. Then, you will become part of the system.
  • Stay positively realistic. Your case won’t improve overnight. So, you need to build a long-term plan and resilience that will help you overcome human obstinance and ignorance.

But remember to check and improve your mindset and ideas so that they won’t become stagnant like a government in your country. Good luck!

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